RUN is structured much like the reboot Netflix version of Queer Eye - but instead of a team of gay men helping with lifestyle and design, we have a team of women and female identifying experts consulting and strategizing for women and female identifying candidates who are running for political office in the USA.  The show is filming in Chicago, IL this fall/winter.

RUN is Executive produced by Serial Entrepreneur Genevieve Thiers (Current CEO of Newfounders) , Directed/Produced by Emmy Nominated Ana Breton (Digital Producer for Full Frontal With Samantha Bee), and Produced by Victoria Elena Nones (Founder of Women In Comedy & Satira).

All roles are paid. Apply by NOVEMBER 15, 2018 to be cast by filling out this short application and sending us a self taped video (90-120 seconds) introducing yourself , your expertise, fun facts, and background. We are currently seeking women who are:

Expert Debate Coaches
Expert Campaign Strategists/Trainers/Coaches

Female Candidates Running For Office

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Campaign Trainer:  Are you a political campaign trainer or coach in real life that has helped political candidates learn about managing a campaign for their run?   Do you know all there is to know about setting a candidate up for a campaign, hiring a campaign team, teaching them about call time, defining their story, and more?  Do you love your work, and love promoting women candidates in particular?  Do you like the camera?  If yes to all, the RUN show is seeking you.  Filming this fall and winter in Chicago, IL, the RUN show take the Queer Eye approach to training female candidates for office.  She might be dealing with imposter syndrome, with having kids and not time, with past choices that she has to manage optics for, and whatever the situation is, we’re her to cheer her, champion her and help her.  Previous film experience a plus, must have a big and varied background in Campaigns  and strategy - any age welcome to apply.  Chicago-based candidates ideal, but we will consider national.



Candidate:  Are you a female candidate planning a run for office on any level by or before 2020?  Do you need help from seasoned professionals to make your campaign a success?  If something is holding you back or you are having issues, we want you!